We are open 7:30am – 6:30pm Monday to Friday for 51 weeks of the year, except all bank holidays. Nursery fees are paid one month in advance.

Fee list from April 2021


FULL TIME: (between the hours of 07.30am-18.30pm)

PART TIME: AM OR PM (5 sessions a week)


Sessions AM or PM

£324.00 Per Week

£185.00 Per Week

£75.00 Per Day

£43.00 Per AM/PM Session

MORNING SESSIONS (AM's) Commences at 7.30AM until 12.45hrs.

AFTERNOON SESSIONS (PM's) Commences at 13.15 until 18.30hrs.

If a parent wishes to book hours that overlap into the next session then full fees will be charged. e.g. If a place is booked between the hours of 10.00am and 15.00pm, full fees apply.

PLEASE NOTE: A deposit equivalent to two weeks fees is payable to secure a nursery place. The said deposit will be held as a retainer until such time that it is no longer necessary or is terminated.

Once you have completed and returned the application form, you will be informed if a place has become available for your child, at this time a deposit is required to secure his/her nursery place.

Deposits for nursery places will not be returned if the place is not taken up.

Ofsted registration number: 139099

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