Parents as Partners
It is our policy to work as closely as possible with parents/carers to give the children in our care the best possible experience at nursery, and support in their development. We do this by encouraging parents/carers to speak to staff about their concerns, questions and keeping us up to date with events taking place in their child’s life.
Key Person System
We operate a key person system which means that although all staff are responsible for all children, they will share a bond with their key group. A key person will help you settle your child into nursery and when they move up into older rooms. They will be there for you and your family, to support you and offer their experience and advise if you require it. They will also be observing your child to ensure the right next steps for leaning are planned for to support personal development.
Information on Babies
In our baby unit we aim to offer a loving nurturing environment for your child. Staff work closely with parents to follow your child’s routine and aim to make the transition from home to nursery as smooth as possible. Each baby is allocated their personal cot, where you can provide blankets and comforters for that home from home comfort. On induction into the nursery you will be given a welcome pack, this contains forms for you to read and keep for reference, and some that you will need to return. We ask you to provide information on your child’s routine at home, meal times and sleep patterns so we can provide this at nursery. Formula milks are to be made at home and brought into store at nursery; you will also need to provide constant supply of nappies, wipes and any protective creams.
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