Amanda Barnes - Nursery Owner.
Hello my name is Amanda and I am the Owner of Pre-School Playhouse. I have worked in Childcare all my adult working life, It was always my passion to provide high quality childcare for pre-school children when I qualified as a Nursery Nurse in 1987. My dream came true when Pre-School Playhouse was established in 1994 and for the past 20 years I have continued to provide high quality childcare in a warm, caring and friendly environment where children play and learn in a safe and secure environment. I spent many years managing Pre-school Playhouse full time before my twin girls were born in 2005. I am still very hands on and continue to support the nursery team and families who attend the nursery. My twin girls attended the nursery before starting full time school and I truly believe the care and education they received during their four and half years attending Pre-School Playhouse helped them grow into confident, caring and inquisitive children who settled well into school life.
Hayley Cottrell - Nursery Manager.
Hello my name is Hayley and I am manager at Pre-School Playhouse. I have over 10 years experience in working with children and have managed Pre-School Playhouse since 2009. The Highest qualification I hold is a Level 4 in Management, a level 3 in Early Years Care and Education and an Early Years Foundation Degree. I will graduate with an Early Years Degree in June 2014. I am committed to providing the best possible outcomes for society's youngest children, through delivering a high standard of care and supporting children's foundations for future learning. I am involved in all aspects of the nursery and take a keen interest in the development of the curriculum and strive to spend as much time working directly with the practitioners and children as I can. I enjoy working closely with my colleagues in assisting the families who attend Pre-school Playhouse and make every effort to find ways to further support their diverse needs. I am very proud of all we have achieved as a team and am confident we will continue to keep progressing in delivering quality care for the under 5's.
Roxanne Yearwood - Deputy Nursery Manager.
Hello my name is Roxanne and I am Deputy Manager at Pre-School Playhouse. I joined the team in 2009 and was promoted to Deputy Manager in 2012. I hold a NVQ Level 3 in Childcare and Education and I am working towards completing my Level 4 in Management along side raising my daughter. The biggest reward I get from my Job is being part of the most formative years of a child's life and seeing children grow, learn and develop lifelong skills within my setting. I am also SENCO officer and work closely with families whose children have addition needs, this has given me great satisfaction and a unique learning experience. I am always looking for ways to extend my knowledge and understanding of children and look forward to gaining more knowledge though future training and involvement.
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